A Decade and a Half-15 Years Old

    By Rich Rodenburg, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    Do you remember when you were 15?  You had survived infancy, toddling, grade school, and even Junior High. Now, you had the best years of your life ahead.  What a feeling!  Nebraska Home Sales is now that age and looking forward with great anticipation.

    When we started the company on the premise that we don’t have to charge high commissions but can provide excellent service by being locally owned and maintaining low overhead, I would say we helped turn the local real estate market options into a better world.  Others said we would not survive two years, certainly not four. But now, here we are, stronger than ever at fifteen.

    When my wife, Susan Larson Rodenburg, our partner and I decided to sell NHS to new ownership in 2015, we were excited by their vision of the future and their appreciation of what had made us successful, vowing not to change our core value of full service for less.

    We were so excited with the new ownership team that Susan and I bought back in as partners with Brent and Heidi Robinson and Steve and Deb Arens.  Since then, we have offered partnerships to other of our agents (including Kim Soucie and Tim Reckling, my personal team partners, called YOUR TEAM).  The cool thing is our company allows our agents true ownership, not a future promise based on a multilevel marketing scheme.

    Our new NHS ownership/management team has doubled our agent base, expanded to York and Omaha, started a commercial branch, NHS Commercial, and upgraded all our technology, all while keeping personal face-to-face relationships at the forefront. We continue to get better at helping others with their real estate needs.

    Nebraska Home Sales has even started a housing development in Hickman called Terrace View! (You can read all about it, and our company, on our website: www.nebhomesales.com)

    The buying and selling of homes has seen some incredible changes in the last 15 years, but what remains most important is what Nebraska Home Sales is all about… Full Service With People You Trust.

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