A Bird’s View (August 27, 2016)

    By Katie Pocras, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    They’re back! My fine feathery friends have once again made my patio their home. And I’m not surprised. I have some attractive bird features. When these birds had their own game of “House Hunters”, what’s there not to like? A dry place under the soffit, music playing (the nest is on the speaker), and buffet (bird feeder). In the past years it was a race to stop the birds before they laid their eggs. I’d knock down the nesting materials. And the birds would build it right back up.

    This year I surrendered. The birds – Score: 1. Me – 0. Sure, I could have put up wire or something, but I’ll pass. Later in the fall, when the young birds have, literally, flown the coop, I’ll knock down the nest and put up a ‘for rent” sign for next spring. I do have three bluebird houses in my yard. No vacancy there, either. Like buyers are finding all over Lincoln, a good home is sometimes hard to find.

    Birds and homes isn’t a new challenge. I remember a garage in the Country Club. Inside the garage were all sorts of nails, sharp objects sticking out everywhere – up high. So I asked the home inspector that that’s all about. And he said to prevent birds from nesting. Since then, I’ve noticed these ‘nails’ inside many other garages (older homes) and on commercial buildings as well.

    This spring, my friend’s mom had a bird nest just outside her laundry room window. The momma robin built her nest in the corner of the brick ledge which was the perfect viewing site. The human momma enjoyed watching the whole process. A few years ago, a Nebraska Home Sales Realtor found a bird nesting on the inside of one of our for sale signs. The new homeowner let the sign stay up.

    I looked at the Audubon website. It had some really good information for both discouraging and encouraging birds nesting sites. I didn’t see anything about removing the free buffet breakfast.


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