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    by Brynna Luke, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    A: What do you do?

    B: I’m in Customer Service.

    A: Oh really? For what, exactly? Do you work in a store or for a large company?

    B: Nah, I’m in Real Estate.

    When I first started selling homes in Lincoln I was taught very quickly and very well that we are indeed customer service representatives in addition to REALTORS®. We are independent contractors, which means we are the graphic designers, social media experts, marketing team, I.T. and product management team, and yes, the customer service reps behind our very own brand. Our success depends on our ability to be creative, intuitive, patient, understanding, realistic, and many other of a host of qualities one would expect from a reputable company.

    When working with a seller we study the market and do our best to determine fair market value for the home, as well as predict the likelihood of it selling and price the home accordingly. Working with a buyer we adjust our schedule to make available current listings and try to schedule a showing as soon as possible so we have time to research the asking price and submit an offer, which could be within just a few hours in today’s market.

    We negotiate on behalf of our clients to ease possible tensions between two parties. We answer the phone with a pleasant, “Hello, How can I help you today?”

    And when presented with a question we pull from our database of information, which is derived partly from local statistics, current market information, and countless hours of studying and learning with and from fellow REALTORS®, to find the best answer.

    We live by a Code of Ethics, which is strict and unwavering.

    Selling houses is just a small part of what we do.

    What do I do?

    I’m in the people business.

    I’m in Real Estate.

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